Swiss-engineered Watch Jewel Bearings

High quality Swiss-engineered watch jewel bearings.

Precision graded to an accuracy of 1 micron, our watch jewel bearings are constructed of a modern-style synthetic ruby material. All bearings maintain high temperature tolerance and wear resistance.

Jewel bearings are sold in kit form, combining various sizes that will suit many watchmaking and repair applications.

Kit 1 - Larger Watch Bearings including Balance Jewels, Endstones, and Flat Jewels

Kit 2 - Smaller Watch Bearings including Flat Jewels only

Jewel Bearings at less than Wholesale Prices

We can sell our watch jewel bearings at such a reduced price, because we buy in bulk. We source stock from genuine Swiss manufacturers, specialised in producing precision watch components.

To purchase watch bearings individually, the item cost can be between $8-$10 (AUD). This would mean a kit cost (containing around 160 bearings) of $1280-$1600 (AUD).

Our kit price is just $120 (Australian customers need to include 10% GST). That’s less than 10% of the normal wholesale price!

We can supply flat jewels, balance jewels and endstones. If you have other specific requirements, please contact us with details and we’re happy to investigate supply options.